Pro Rotating welcome Companies of which GÉRARD Beheer BV is part of a permanent  shareholder    GÉRARD Beheer BV is a family-owned investment company, founded in 1998 by Ing. R.H.J.M. Gérard GÉRARD Beheer BV is specialized in  long-term investments in listed Our principles Invest in companies in which GÉRARD Beheer BV’s strategic perspective, experience and skills may contribute to an improvement of operations and market position Investment focus High interest in: - Leading or fast growing companies     in niche markets - Companies with an unique      product or service Approach value creation Buy and build: focus on value creation through profitable revenue growth: - Long term investor - Experience and expertise

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A multidisciplinary team with a broad range of experience and expertise in the area of management, strategy, organisation development and mergers & acquisitions in medium-sized companies

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> Delta Pumps delivers pumps to Electrabel

> Delta Pumps delivers pumps to Tata Steel

> Pro Rotating is responsible for all the rotating equipment maintanance at Emerald

> Delta Pumps is delivering Apollo pumps to Emerald

> Delta Pumps delivers pumps to PPG

> Pro Rotating signes contract with Cabot

Pro Rotating DELTA Pompen